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Core Services

We provide efficient services in the recruitment of foreign domestic helpers. Our core services include:

  • Selection of maids: We send our Recruitment Managers to interview potential foreign domestic helpers in the country of origin on a regular basis. Applicants are thoroughly screened. Our recruitment criteria adhere to strict local standards and guidelines. Prospective employers can also select foreign domestic helpers through videos, detailed bio-data and via phone interviews. Our records of bio-data are updated on a weekly basis. Before the maids arrive in Singapore Full training, orientation on local culture and social etiquette, medical check-up, psychological and IQ tests are conducted prior to their departure for Singapore. They need to pass an entry test comprising multiple choice questions in English upon arrival.
  • Free Replacement: Guaranteed, unlimited FREE replacement within the trial period. “FREE” in this instance means employers do not pay any more administrative fee or costs of any disbursements.
  • Back-up services: Our well trained recruitment staffs provide complete, round-the-clock back-up services for counselling and consultation throughout the employment contract.
  • Maid’s loan payment: Our reasonable-priced packages have no hidden costs. They include all incidentals for the application. The maids’ loans are paid by post-dated cheques.
  • Prompt arrival: Maids will arrive as soon upon the approval.
  • Re-contracting of maids: We have high success rates for re-contracting of foreign domestic helpers.

Full agency package includes:

  • Agency administration and placement fee
  • Submitting and collecting of work permit application and documents banker’s guarantee for $5,000 Security Bond premium for personal insurance coverage fetching maid from airport
  • Full medication examination on arrival
  • Assist maid in thumb printing registration

Type of maids supplied

We supply Filipino, Indonesian, and Myanmar maids to various types of families for their different expectations.

Salaries of maids

Ranging from $400-$450 depending on experience and requirements

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